Rubber Plantations

The rubber plantations spread over 4,695 ha are confined to the Yatiyantota-Bulathkohupitiya region and the manufacturing facilities annually  produce about 4 million kilograms of Sole crepe, Latex crepe, Centrifuged latex and  Skim crepe. This product range and the process flexibility enables the company to adjust product mix to meet changing market demands.  

Sole Crepe from Dewalakande, Panawatte and Kiriporuwa estates are internationally synonymous with supreme quality. Sole crepe is a  natural rubber product, tried and tested over several decades, and  accepted as the most suitable material for shoe-soles on icy surface. Our manufacturing process is designed to reduce naturally occurring protein levels to  minimum and it is also free of leachable chemicals.  

Sole crepe is available in 3 different finishes, namely, Smooth, Pebbly and Ribbed, in thickness varying from 1/32'' to 3/4".  All of the company‚Äôs rubber plantations have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSCTM), as being environmentally and socially sensitive entities. Whilst this accreditations has been extended to the dry rubber and latex from the Panawatta and Dewalakanda rubber factories.

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